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Foreign Exchange Rate Canada / U.S.
Topic Economy - Money CPI/PPI Issue Group Exchange Rates
Topic Data by Country Issue Group Canada

03/15/2010, Scot Ringa: March 2nd, 2010 The (BOC) Bank of Canada announced that it would leave its key deposit rate at a historical low of .25%. This fueled a rally in the CAD$ futures from .9602 to a close of .9653. On March 12th, the better than expected CAD unemployment number ADDED 21,900 jobs that also drove the CAD$ (June) futures price to its highest level this year at .9848. The unemployment surprise has also fueled speculation that the BOC might raise its key rate on its next April 20th, 2010 meeting. The BOC had previously pledged to keep its target rate in place until the end of June. The USD/CAD exchange rate today closed at 1.0196.

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 Name Canada/ U.S. Foreign Exchange Rate [877] - Canada/ U.S. Foreign Exchange Rate [16030]  
Units of Measure Canadian Dollars to One U.S. Dollar 
Last Updated 11/10/2011
Source St. Louis Federal Reserve
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Legend Canada/ U.S. Foreign Exchange Rate [877] -
Aug-2020 1.3229 
Jul-2020 1.3497 
Jun-2020 1.3552 
May-2020 1.3972 
Apr-2020 1.4048 
Mar-2020 1.396 
Feb-2020 1.3286 
Jan-2020 1.3089 
Dec-2019 1.3169 
Nov-2019 1.3237 
Oct-2019 1.3189 
Sep-2019 1.3241 
Aug-2019 1.3273 
Jul-2019 1.3105 
Jun-2019 1.3289 
May-2019 1.346 
Apr-2019 1.3378 
Mar-2019 1.3371 
Feb-2019 1.3209 
Jan-2019 1.33 
Dec-2018 1.3436 
Nov-2018 1.3205 
Oct-2018 1.3004 
Sep-2018 1.3034 
Aug-2018 1.3042