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Editorial Board

Scott W. Hamilton is Senior Research Fellow at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.  Previously, he was the Managing Director of the Pisces Foundation. In this role, he created the KIPP Foundation and served as its President and CEO. Previously, Hamilton served as Associate Commissioner of Education in Massachusetts, establishing and overseeing the Bay State's pioneering charter school initiative. He was recruited to Massachusetts from Washington, D.C., where he worked with two U.S. Secretaries of Education, William Bennett and Lamar Alexander. He also held posts at the White House, the Edison Project during its R&D phase, and the Hudson Institute. Hamilton serves on the boards of the KIPP Foundation, the California Charter School Association, the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, and Lighthouse Public Schools. He was born and raised in Colorado, and he received his degree in Ancient Greek from the University of Pennsylvania.

Brook Larmer is an award-winning foreign correspondent and the author of “Operation Yao Ming ” (Penguin), the tale of two young athletes caught in the collision of China's sports machine and the forces of global capitalism.  A graduate of Williams College, Larmer began his career as the Mexico City bureau chief for the Christian Science Monitor. He then worked for more than a decade at Newsweek magazine, serving as senior writer and bureau chief in Buenos Aires, Miami, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Larmer now lives with his wife in Bangkok, where he writes about international affairs for National Geographic, Time, Foreign Policy, and Conde Nast Traveler, among others. 

Lori Ogden Moore specializes in organizational transformation and leadership advising. She combines twenty years of corporate experience in marketing and communications with strategic insight, adult learning models, coaching and facilitation techniques. Lori’s clients learn to leverage their strengths and realize more of their potential to create impactful change in their personal lives, at work and in the world.  Lori has worked with senior leaders in technology, marketing, venture capital, healthcare, and banking. She has also done ongoing leadership and innovation work with the U.S. Army, U.S. intelligence, national politicians and entrepreneurs. In addition to independent work, she has partnered with Corporate Edge, The Center for Leadership Renewal, and Kao & Company.  As a former corporate executive in marketing, Lori knows the importance of tangible results. Prior to becoming a leadership consultant, Lori had two decades of experience in marketing, strategic positioning, and creative brand building. She worked with American Express, Aetna, Showtime Networks/Viacom, General Foods, Neutrogena, Bank of America, and Ogilvy & Mather. Her corporate career culminated with six years on the senior management team of Working Assets, a socially responsible business listed in the Inc. 500 for being among the fastest growing, privately held companies in the country for five of her six years.  Lori has a Leadership Coaching Certificate from Georgetown University and has attained the designation of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation. She has an AB from Stanford University and an MPPM/MBA from Yale University. She is also a qualified provider of Myers Briggs and was trained at The Grove in facilitating high performing teams. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and three young children.  

John O’Neil is President of The Center for Leadership Renewal.  John has had a long and diverse career in business and education. After leaving a successful career as an AT&T executive in 1970, John was president of the California School of Professional Psychology, a four campus graduate school devoted to research, service and education in the global human development arena. Prior to CSPP, he served for five years as vice president of Mills College in Oakland, California.   John has been active in speaking, writing, venture capital activities and leadership advising. He consults most frequently with senior officers and directors on strategic planning, leadership development, and organizational issues. John has shared his insights, inspirations and innovations in several books including the best-selling PARADOX OF SUCCESS (Tarcher / PenguinPutnam, 1993), LEADERSHIP AIKIDO (Crown-Harmony, 1997), and SEASONS OF GRACE (John Wiley & Sons, 2003), co-authored with Alan Jones, Dean of San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral.  John is at work on a new book, GROWING GREAT LEADERS.  John serves numerous companies and organizations as a director or advisor, including:  Noyce Foundation, Threshold Group, Tides Center andTrinity Learning Corporation.

Thomas M. Paper is the Founder of Data360 and the Managing Partner of Webster Pacific LLC , which was formed in early 2004.  Webster Pacific provides strategic and financial consulting to entrepreneurs, which involves strategic planning, business development and strategic information systems.  His background includes: a) President of Lewis Bolt & Nut Company , a manufacturer of bolts & forgings for the railroads, b) President of Premier Roasters, a manufacturer of private label roast & ground coffee for the major grocers in North America, c) CFO of Mendocino Forest Products , a fully-integrated manufacturer and supplier of forest products to Home Depot, d) multiple years of consulting experience, including work for Bain & Company and industry experience in agribusiness, OTC drugs, publishing, nutraceuticals, internet radio and janitorial equipment. He currently sits on the boards of Lewis Bolt & Nut Company and Mendocino Forest Products. Mr. Paper received his undergraduate degree from Williams College and his MBA from Stanford University.

Marshall Tillbrook Poe is an American historian and the author of many works on early modern Russia. He is also the founder and editor of MemoryArchive, a universal wiki-type archive of contemporary memoirs.  Poe earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at Grinnell College in 1984 and his Ph.D. in history at the University of California, Berkeley in 1992. He then taught at Harvard University until 1998, and again from 2000 to 2002. In 2001 he was appointed Allston Burr Senior Tutor at Harvard's Lowell House. He held fellowships at the Davis Center for Russian Studies (Harvard University), the Institute for Advanced Study, and the Harriman Institute for Russian Studies (Columbia University). He is the co-founder and a former editor of the academic journal Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History. As of 2006, Poe is employed as a writer and analyst in Washington, D.C. at The Atlantic Monthly, in which he has written on topics ranging from divorce among born-again Christians to the origins and effects of the online reference Wikipedia.  In his influential essay "Note to Self: Print Monograph Dead; Invent New Publishing Model", published in the Journal of Electronic Publishing 2002, Poe questioned the viability of the old academic publishing model and argued for using self-publishing and print on demand. He explained how he did this with one of the two volumes of his prosopographical study of the Russian elite in the early modern period. When facing the issue of sending it to journals for reviewing, he decided to do so in an electronic format as attachment with an e-mail. "Shortly after I sent the book for review", he writes, "a very worried journal editor contacted me. He was upset that I hadn't included a copyright page on the e-book I sent him. Without a copyright page, he explained, any reader could copy my book, send it all over the world, or use it in the classroom — all without my permission. That, I responded, was the point. (I'm not sure he got it.)"  The two volumes of this work were published in a paper edition by the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters in 2004. Recent articles by Marshall Poe, The Atlantic Monthly....Wikipedia article by Marshall Poe, The Atlantic Monthly....JEP: Invent New Publishing Model. Retrieved on August 2, 2006