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Spending on Corrections vs. Higher Education

These sobering charts indicate that we are increasing our spending on corrections more quickly than we are increasing spending on education. In any system, it is a well-established principle that the most leverage is in the beginning of the system. If you are a building a house, effort spent on the architectural drawings is more important and has greater leverage on the outcome than effort spent remodeling the house after is finished. It is troubling to see that the United States are increasing spending more rapidly on fixing the lives of lawbreakers instead of on educating young lives.

State Spending on Corrections- 1985 [922] State Spending on Corrections- 2000 [923] Change in State Spending on Corrections, 1985-2000 [925]
State Spending on Higher Education- 1985 [920] State Spending on Higher Education- 2000 [921] Change in State Spending on Higher Education, 1985-2000 [924]

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