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June 7, 2017


Friends -


I'm writing to ask if you would fill out a three-question survey about a proposed re-launch of Data360.

Now more than ever, I believe there is a need for a presentation of the "news" in an objective, clear and data-driven manner. This means data-driven reports, always up to date, delivered online. The vision of Data360 remains the same as it was when we launched the site 10 years ago: to present information about important societal topics with the same rigor, discipline and pointedness that comes in a business report. For those of you with investments, think about a report you would get on a particular stock or industry, and ask yourself whether you would like to receive information about education, the environment, energy and the economy in the same fashion. Nothing quite like Data360 exists today and I would like to re-launch the site with enhanced reporting and data-visualization capabilities.

My questions are very simple: What do you think about the new Data360? Would you pay $100 per year for it? You can see an example of what we are proposing by clicking on the image below. Or, for comparison of the old and new versions, you can also click here and here.

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts.





PS - 


Our belief is that to best present the news, we must present every topic in a manner which is objective (no political bias), clear (must quickly make sense) and data-driven. Whereas most news is presented with 90% words and 10% images, we think the news should be presented with 90% well-curated data visualizations and 10% words written by people knowledgeable about the subject in a manner that supports and contextualizes the visualizations.