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Data360  Public Purpose & Principles Our mission is to tell compelling and data-driven stories about subjects of importance to our readers. Wherever possible, we strive to let the data speak. To be compelling, data usually needs some distillation and framing. Our reports do not waste people’s time. Our site is non-partisan. We strive to make our reports logical, organized, graphical and insightfully commented. Wherever possible, we link to original data. Our goal is...  29409  6700  07/10/2020  Subscribe 
Public 360  Public Public Platform   5482  419  07/10/2020  Subscribe 
NewTithing Group  Public NewTithing Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about charitable giving.   5427  108  03/01/2012  Subscribe 
Malini's Data Trackiing Website  Public Malini's data tracking website.  2117  66  03/01/2012  Subscribe 
Milind's Data Tracking Website  Public This is Milind's data tracking webiste.  1045  33  03/01/2012  Subscribe 
Priya C's Data Tracking Website  Public Priya C's data tracking website.   661  12  03/01/2012  Subscribe 
NewCo  Public NewCo financial data.   351  22  10/21/2011  Subscribe 
Energy Positive  Public Energy Positive is a group of families and friends who are measuring their energy usage and looking for ways to reduce their consumption. For some families, we will measure their energy production, not usage, because already today, many families are producing more energy than they are using. We are competing with each other and learning from one another in order to make the world a sustainable place.  146  35  10/16/2011  Subscribe 
Meenakshi's Data Tracking Website  Public This is Meenakshi's data tracking website.   72  15  03/01/2012  Subscribe 
Praveen's Data Tracking Website  Public This is Praveen's data tracking website.   63  18  03/01/2012  Subscribe 
Applied Survey Research  Public Applied Survey Research (ASR) is a non-profit research organization dedicated to helping people build better communities by providing valid, meaningful, and usable assessments and outcome evaluations necessary for effective community planning and programming.  53  18  10/21/2011  Subscribe 
Vidhya's Data Tracking Website  Public This is Vidhya's data tracking webiste.  40  14  10/11/2011  Subscribe 
International Forum of Visual Practitioners  Public We are a powerful community of creative leaders from around the world, who share a common passion for bringing information and ideas to life visually. For over a quarter of a century, business people, artists, communities, governments, educators, and individuals have been leveraging the power of our Visual Practitioner community of graphic recorders and graphic facilitators.  30  16  08/24/2011  Subscribe 
Tom's Public Platform  Public Tom's weight loss platform.  25  17  03/01/2012  Subscribe 
Hillhouse  Public Hillhouse is a social club of members with professional backgrounds (not a business networking club) who meet semi-monthly for breakfast to share good fellowship and to host guest speakers drawn from the diverse array of professional communities that serve our City and metro area.  8  11  01/23/2009  Subscribe 
Malthesh's Data Tracking Webiste  Public This is Malthesh's data tracking website.  5  12  03/01/2012  Subscribe 
Kishore Jets  Public Kishore Jets.  4  9  07/29/2008  Subscribe