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What People Are Saying About Data360:


February 2010

As his site matures, we’re sure there will be more linked data that interacts with the rest of the open web. Please support Data360, give him your data, and become part of the community.  David Siegel, The Power of Pull

October / November 2008

About the Data360 News Review:

Well you succeeded in getting me to spend about an hour on Data360. I can't tell you how engaging this has become - lots of clever useful features. Stoddard Vandersteel

As the research director for a busy commercial real estate office, I am constantly trying to find new ways to show data and what you've created is a readymade brainstorm for any serious research professional. Thank you so much for your work with this!  Tim Mazzucca, Research Analyst, Studley

I am very excited to be on your mailing list.  This is great stuff for real people ... I am not an avid reader so I rely on the radio (NPR stations) and Yahoo as my sources of news and knowledge.  The news review will be a valued addition as I can keep updated on a variety of interesting and important topics from valid sources in a condensed format. I like the broad spectrum of topics shared on this email.  Given the current economic times I think we all owe it to ourselves to become more informed for work and personal reasons hopefully helping us make better decisions in the future.  This will help me.  Kirk Dusenberry

I love the stuff that you are doing - I have just joined up.  Keep up the good work.  Hem Kumar

Very interesting data - breaks a lot of preconceptions. Paul Banas,

What a boatload of timely information.  You are to be complimented.  I go to a lot of presentations, and yours is more complete than any I've seen.  Helen Brooks


November 2007

Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) Latest News about Google, Wikipedia Latest News about Wikipedia and other information resources have changed the world in many ways, but their users generally search via words, not numbers. Now, those who think about and work with numbers are helping the world's numeracy catch up with its literacy.  Web sites like , and are promoting data availability so that anyone with access to a computer can browse data, visualize it in a number of ways, learn from professionals in the field and share their insights with the rest of the world.  By Sara Wood, Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 11/01/07,


June 2007

The site...does a great job of aggregating data and allowing users to access it. Navigation is also easy.  All in all it's a great site to help you nurture your inner geek.   Adelino de Almeida

Wow, how did I miss this one? Thanks to the Freakonomics blog, I just joined Data360. Think Statistical Abstract of the United States meets human interest surveys conducted by newsmags and add a bunch of other countries and some social networking features.  It’s like a giant wiki for statistics.  Kate  Loose Cannon Librarian

If you're one of those people that secretly love charts and graphs (and who isn't?), the good people at Data360 are soon to top your list of favorite chart providers.  James J. Hill Reference Library Business Web Site of the Week   Click here to see full review.


May 2007

Hats off to Tom Paper for creating such a great site.   Steven Levitt , Professor in Economics at the University of Chicago and author, Freakonomics 

Wow! What a great web site! Data360 has… uh… DATA about all sorts of things: Crime statistics, public opinion, you name it. A person could spend hours wandering around this site.  Rebecca Hartong

This site is great.  It gets better and better every time I go to it.   C. Graham Gerst

The site is fabulous, and a good resource for people conducting research to understand various market opportunities.  Kathy Thibodeaux


March 2007

Tom’s hoping to collaborate with journalists, academics, businesses and others to build civilization reports that can be shared and discussed with anyone who’s online. (Course, that’ll mean incorporating Web 2.0 article tools to enable visitors to share, blog, tag, email and rank the information…but I’m sure site enhancements are also in the works.)  I love, love, love this geek-meets-granola approach to data.   Amy L. Webb  see her blog at


February 2007

If you think it involves public data, check out Data360, one of several new sites dedicated to aggregating and delivering up data on demand.  Tom Paper generously gave me a tour of Data360 yesterday. As he described Data360, it’s a tool we can use to create balanced scorecards of, well, anything we’re interested in.  Bill Harris


January 2007

Data360 suffers from fewer and less glaring problems than those that I found at Swivel, but this is partly due to the fact that its graphs do less. I want to encourage those of you who take data visualization seriously and have useful insights to get in touch with Data360 and Swivel to offer your suggestions and encouragement. With the right improvements, both sites could enrich the world by providing useful venues for presenting and exploration important data.   Stephen Few, Perceptual Edge


December 2006

Most people’s free time consists of jogging in the park or reading a good book. In Tom Paper’s free time, he created an information database.  Will Reisman, The Examiner, Dec 11, 2006


October 2006

This is pretty cool.  I love info like this. I was an “A” student in Macro Economics, so this twirls my propeller…!  Liz Bishop, Heffernan Insurance Brokers

 ...this is very interesting.  Really enjoyed reading your summaries.  Thank you for including me.  Jim Zanze, Aquilo Partners

What I like about Data360 is the collection of typically disconnected things into a side-by-side package....I also like your brief executive summary perspectives in your email....I also found this to basically reconfirm beliefs generated elsewhere...thanks for keeping me on the mail list.    Bill Lovejoy, Professor of Operations, University of Michigan School of Business

I really enjoy looking at graphs like these. Perhaps it's because I'm a visual learner; seeing charts makes a much greater impression on me than reading a sentence.  Kristina Treanor

Your new publication…absolutely fascinating!  Don't know how you compiled all of this, but it's quite sobering, isn't it, when you look at the trends graphically....Again, your report is amazing!  I’ve referred your details to a colleague.  We’re trying to examine gross-level trends that may be favorable for future investments.  Competitive Intelligence, Inc.

I am currently an undergraduate studying entrepreneurship at the University of California, Berkeley and I wanted to compliment you on ["Data360"].  You have seemed to have gathered a lot of intriguing data with a lot of good comments.    Gerard Garcia

Thanks for your recent note - [Data360]. That's some interesting work, and right up my alley...I am a concerned citizen of the world, and objective info can be a great tool to try to get understanding beyond political and ideological walls that seem to be everywhere these days....I have gotten to the point of mistrusting almost every news report I hear....but your email makes me think that maybe I can, someday. ;)   Tim Sedlock

The [Data360] information is getting very compelling in the manner in which you cluster the data topics. Very meaningful and unique.  Warren Karlenzig,